Meta Quest UI update could narrow the gap with Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest UI update could narrow the gap with Apple Vision Pro
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Buckle up, Questheads, because Meta just teased a massive UI upgrade coming later this year! CTO Boz dropped some juicy details during his Instagram AMA, but kept things mysterious to avoid spoiling the surprise. Here's what we know so far:

Your UI, your way, Get ready for a super personalized experience. This new UI will adapt to your life, letting you pin windows to yourself or your environment. Imagine strolling around your house with essential info following you like a digital butler, or sticking virtual notes right on your real-world walls – mind blown! This goes way beyond the clunky panels of the current UI, promising a smooth and intuitive interaction that feels natural (via Android Central).

The Quest Goes Mixed Reality Pro

The Quest might be way more affordable than the Apple Vision Pro, but that doesn't mean it can't compete. Meta is working on real-world window anchoring, similar to the Vision Pro. Pin a virtual display to your wall and bam! It transforms into a virtual TV right before your eyes. Plus, multi-window capabilities are getting a serious boost, letting you run multiple windows simultaneously in the same physical space – multitasking on VR steroids!

Beyond the Headset

The fun doesn't stop in VR. Casting and streaming are getting a major overhaul, hinting at exciting new possibilities. Imagine controlling your smart home devices – adjusting lights, turning on the thermostat – all from within the familiar VR world. Talk about convenience!

Comfort is King (and Queen)

The upcoming Quest 3 Lite might ditch the color passthrough, but fear not, mixed reality is here to stay! Meta confirmed that core mixed reality features will be a staple across "several generations of headsets to come." They also heard your cries for comfort and are bringing back the ability to use the Quest 3 while lying down. Plus, the annoying Smart Guardian bug that messed with stationary furniture tracking will be squashed soon.

Also, the virtual keyboard is about to get a serious upgrade with multitouch. Picture this: pin the keyboard to a virtual table and type with all ten fingers, just like a real keyboard! This is perfect for those cramped airplane tray tables – take that, tiny keyboards!

There's no official release date yet, but expect this UI revamp to drop sometime in 2024, possibly alongside the reveal of the highly anticipated Meta Quest Pro 2. Stay tuned, Quest fans – the future of VR is looking hot!

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