Amaran Prosumer lighting hands-on: Your content creation just leveled up

Camera, lights, action! Amaran lighting takes your content to the next level

Amaran Prosumer lighting hands-on: Your content creation just leveled up
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Early Verdict

Excellent build quality, and usability make these Amaran lights a serious option for content creators

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I have had these Amaran lights for two days, and move over, family! There’s a new light of my life. Amaran sent me the Amaran 300c and Amaran PTC2C, two prosumer light bars that carry the torch of Aperature’s design legacy all over them. Unboxing them was a breeze; you can tell just by handling them that they’re seriously hardy and built to last. 

The Amaran PT2C RGB Tube light kit ($598) came in a nifty carrying case, and once I plugged them in to charge, I couldn’t resist passing the time by letting my inner child control my outer child by pretending to be a Jedi Knight. The Amaran 300c ($569) comes in a seriously pro-looking styrofoam-like case – and when you open it, you instantly know you just leveled up your light rig. 

I immediately downloaded the Sidus app and set up each light while designing my space. This also meant breaking it all down first. However, I am happy to say it can be done quickly and without hassle. Let’s quickly dive into my first few days with this content creator lighting setup. 

Amaran PT2C

Amaran PT2C

(Image credit: Future)
Amaran PT2C specs

Color Temperature: 2700 to 10,000K
Color Modes: RGB, Daylight, Tungsten
Dimming: App-Controlled / Built-In Dimmer / DMX (Continuous) 0 to 100%
Cooling System: Passive
Connectivity: Bluetooth and DMX

I just got my hands on the Amaran PT2C, and let me tell you, this little guy is packed with potential. It's a 2-foot-long LED tube light with some pretty cool features, especially for those of us who love getting creative with lighting.

First, the size is perfect. It's long enough to be useful as a key light or backlight for smaller setups but still compact and lightweight for travel or run-and-gun shoots. Plus, it's powered by a built-in battery, which means one less cable to worry about — no more scrambling for outlets in the middle of a shoot!

Amaran PT2c

(Image credit: Future)

Speaking of creativity, the PT2C truly shines in this area. It has eight built-in pixels that you can control individually using the free Sidus Link app or DMX if you need more advanced control. This opens a world of possibilities for creating custom lighting effects, like fire, lightning, or even police car lights. Imagine the possibilities for product close-ups or adding some drama to a scene.

Wrapping up, this sweet little PT2C kit has everything you need to get started — including a power adapter to plug into the wall and keep the party going when the built-in batteries run dry. The whole kit is built to be efficient — each tube sips just 18W of power and can share the same power adapter. So, if you're looking for a powerful and portable two-light kit that won't break the bank, the Amaran PT2C is worth checking out.

Amaran 300c

Amaran 300c

(Image credit: Future)
Amaran 300c specs

Dimming: 0-100%
Power output: 300W
Modifier Mount: Bowens
Cooling: Internal fan Active Cooling
Display: Rear LCD
RGB Colour: 360° HSI Full Color Control
Color range: 2,500 to 7,500 CCT Range+/- Green and Magenta Adjustment
Special effects: Nine Effects Options Ranging from Fire to TV
Built-in Umbrella Holder
Remote controllable: via DMX or Bluetooth Sidus Link control app

In my short time with the Amaran 300c RGB LED, I immediately recognized that it is a powerful and versatile light source for content creators, filmmakers, and photographers. It completely changed and leveled up the lighting in my space. Also, it’s so stylish that I could use it as an everyday apartment lighting fixture. 

The Amaran 300c features a curved lamp head design with built-in handles for easy positioning and portability. Most controls are located on the head, which might be inconvenient if you use the light while mounted high up. However, the Sidus Link app allows you to control your smartphone remotely via Bluetooth.

Amaran 300c

(Image credit: Future)

The 300c boasts a wide CCT range of 2500K to 7500K and high CRI/TLCI scores of 95+ for exceptional color accuracy. It outputs up to 26,580 lux at 3.3 feet with the included reflector and offers nine special effects for creative lighting. You can precisely control the light intensity with step-less dimming from 0 to 100%.

During my time at NAB, I was very impressed by the silent cooling, which makes the 300c suitable for sound-sensitive environments. The compact and lightweight design allows for easy setup in tight spaces. The Bowens mount compatibility opens up a world of light modifiers to achieve various lighting effects. The 300c runs on AC power or optional V-mount batteries, making it ideal for studio and outdoor use.

Final thoughts

Proper lighting matters just as much as audio and the right camera when creating content. I have had to spend countless hours in post attempting to fix lighting digitally, which takes up a great deal of time.

These lighting options from Amaran lean heavily into Apurture’s legacy of high-quality lighting with excellent features and sturdy design. Anyone looking to level up their lighting should take a long and serious look at the Amaran PT2C and 300c from Amaran.

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