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When will Clubhouse come to Android? Potential launch date teased

Clubhouse on Android
(Image credit: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash)

A Clubhouse for Android developer has teased a clear sign the audio-only chat app will finally be coming to Android smartphones. The app has exclusively been available for iOS users since it first launched in 2020, meaning this is a big move for the popular social network.

In a tweet, Android dev Mopewa Ogundipe posted a "before and after" screenshot of Clubhouse, with the first image sent from an iPhone, and the second sent from a Google Pixel

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Clubhouse on Android — what we know

According to another Clubhouse dev, Morgan Evetts, the audio-only app is expected to release on Android around May. This lines up Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison claimed in March, stating the platform will be coming to Android in a couple of months.

The tease comes after Facebook released its new audio and video chat platform to compete with Clubhouse; Hotline. Unlike Clubhouse, however, Hotline is available for Android smartphone users too — not just iOS.

Despite only being available to iPhone users who are invited by existing members, Clubhouse already has over 10 million users. The dev team states they set up the invite-only scheme to make sure the app doesn't crash, and is working on making it available to everyone.

With this in mind, the release of the Android version could mean Clubhouse will start phasing out the invite-only system. With other competitors such as Facebook and Twitter trying to hop on the audio-only bandwagon, its high-time the dev team brought Clubhouse to the millions of Android users waiting to see what all the fuss is about.