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New PS5 model spotted — it's reportedly lighter and no one knows why

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has released a new PS5 model that comes with a number of tweaks to set itself apart from the original PS5 Digital Edition and Disc Edition, according to a new report from Australian gaming news outlet Press Start.

The updated model has been spotted in Australia and is under a new serial number: CFI-1102A. The report indicates both the Digital and Disc Edition of Sony's latest console include a new base stand screw to make it easier to adjust the stand by hand rather than with a screwdriver. What's more, the new model is reportedly 300 grams (0.6 pounds) lighter. 

The new model doesn't drastically alter the design of the original console, with the updated screw being the most significant change. While Press Start states it can't confirm the shift in weight, a recent report claims a new PS5 Digital Edition console with a new base screw would weigh 3.6kg (from 3.9kg originally).

It isn't clear why the latest models are lighter, or where Sony has made changes for both editions of the PS5 to make it drop weight. Still, if it makes it slightly easier to carry, the weight drop is welcome. Plus, this may indicate that a PS5 Slim edition will drop sometime down the line.

Unfortunately, while the new model makes it easier to change the PS5 to a vertical or horizontal position without a screwdriver, you'll still need one in order to add an M.2 SSD.

While we wait to find out if the PS5's drop in weight brings any additional perks, check out what you'll need to increase storage space on your PS5 by up to 4TB