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IT Pros Say Acer's Laptops Least Reliable

When businesses buy notebooks, they expect them to last. So when thousands of IT pros say you make the least reliable laptops, that's going to make some people pause. A survey conducted by TechRepublic found that Acer ranked as the least reliable brand, edging out HP with a score of 24 percent to 21 percent. The next least reliable brand was judged to be HP. When the site asked which PC vendor makes the most reliable laptops, Acer scored lowest with 6 percent, followed by Asus. Some may find it odd that Dell and HP were found to be most reliable, but as Tech Republic points out the sheer volume of customers explains that apparent contradiction.

Just this week we gave an Acer notebook a 2.5-star review because the Wi-Fi card didn't work properly, although the company promises a fix. Coincidence? And what if something does go wrong with your laptop? Well, the fact that Acer pulled up the year in our annual Tech Support Showdown probably won't make you feel warm and fuzzy.

So do you own an Acer notebook? How reliable has it been for you?