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Killer Deal: Google Pixel Slate with Keyboard Now $450 Off

Chromebooks are booming in popularity and for good reason. Not only has Chrome OS rapidly evolved in the last few years, but now premium Chromebooks have emerged with top-rate hardware. Among those is Google's own Pixel Slate, a detachable 2-in-1 that is currently on sale at Best Buy for a staggering $450 off.  

Best Buy is selling a bundle that includes the Pixel Slate with the detachable Pixel Slate Keyboard ($199 value) for just $548, or $450 off. 

How good is that deal? Well, the Pixel Slate itself, with a Core m3 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, typically costs $799. Throw in the pricey $199 keyboard and you've got a grand total of $998. It's no surprise that this is the best deal we've seen on the Pixel Slate and currently one of the best Chromebook deals around.

When we reviewed the Pixel Slate back in June, we were generally impressed with the device, particularly with its sleek design, vivid display and strong audio. We also liked the detachable keyboard enough to call it one of our "favorite 2-in-1 keyboards yet." That's partly because of how comfortable the keys are but also because it includes a trackpad, so that, when attached, the Pixel Slate transforms from a tablet into a proper laptop. 

Before you checkout, there are some things about the Pixel Slate we aren't so keen on. When it was first released, the Pixel Slate had some serious Bluetooth problems and not all Chrome OS Android apps are optimized for a larger display. 

Still, at just $548, this deal on the Pixel Slate with the keyboard is just too good to pass up.