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Zolt Laptop Charger Juices Tablets and Phones

LAS VEGAS - This year's CES has been all about thinner and lighter and gadgets, and the device that powers your laptop is no exception. Where many notebook AC adapters weigh close to a pound, if not more, the $79.99 Zolt Laptop Charger Plus is just 3 ounces and measures a short 3 inches long and 1.3-inches in diameter.

The hexagonal, oblong charger has three USB ports for charging your tablet, phone or other devices. The top one of these ports doubles as a connector for the laptop charging cable, which comes with seven tips that cover all the major brands of laptop, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Zolt also promises that a MacBook-compatible tip will be available, for additional cost, by the time of launch. 

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I had a chance to handle the Zolt Laptop Charger Plus, and was surprised at how light it felt in my hand. The blue color was very attractive, and I was impressed the device's ability to use its top USB port as either standard USB or as a laptop charger. The laptop charging connector, while USB, has a notch at the top which aligns with a groove on the Zolt to prevent you from trying to plug it into one of the other two ports.

The charger also has a mobile app you can install on a phone or tablet you connect to it. The app allows you to see the charging status of your device and decide which port, of the three, gets priority. However, with a capacity of 70 watts, the AC adapter should be able to juice your laptop and two mobile devices without a hitch.

The Zolt Laptop Charger Plus is available at  for pre-order now at an introductory price of $79.99, a reduction from its list price of $99.99, and expected to ship later this spring. We look forward to testing it out as we get closer to launch.