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Most US Women Would Choose Smartphones Over Sex

Sorry fellas — it looks like you can’t come between a woman and her phone. A new survey has found that 57 percent of women polled in the US would rather give up sex than their mobile device for a week.

AVG Technologies surveyed 4,000 women across the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Brazil to see how technology affects romantic relationships, and some of the results were quite surprising. In addition to American women refusing to part with their smartphones, the findings said more than a quarter of women worldwide would break off a relationship via text message.

“The study suggests an increasing level of detachment, where devices serve as agents to filter potential partners and release them when women are ready to move on,” John Giamatteo, COO of AVG, said in a statement.

According to AVG, Brazilian women may be the most technology-driven daters of all those surveyed. Not only would 58 percent of females break up with a significant other via phone call, but 61 percent had admitted to cancelling dates based on a user’s social media presence. The study also found that 35 percent of women use social media to screen dates beforehand, prioritizing photos, whether or not the date is followed by common friends, interests and comments on the user’s page.

Talk about being tied to your technology. AVG’s survey is yet another indication that mobile devices and social media are playing a more significant role in our personal lives.  Just earlier today a study from Pew Internet revealed that teens are straying from Facebook to avoid “drama” that affects real-life relationships.