Windows Phone 7.5 Devices Won't Run Windows 8, Will Receive Update to 7.8 Instead

Looks like there will be very few Windows Phone purchases in the next few months. Microsoft today announced that current Windows Phone 7.5 devices won't be able to run its new Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, those devices will get an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8, which will incorporate the new-look Start Screen of Windows 8. 

Microsoft also announced that Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and HTC would create Windows Phone 8 devices, which will run Qualcomm processors, and be available in 50 languages and 180+ countries. Also, updates to the Windows Phone 8 operating system will be delivered over the air, and devices will be supported for at least 18 months. There's no word, though, if the carriers themselves would be pushing out the updates, or if they'd be coming from Microsoft itself. However, Micorosft said it was starting a program that will let registered enthusiasts get early access to updates before they're released to the public.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor