Windows Phone 7.5 Devices Won't Run Windows 8, Will Receive Update to 7.8 Instead

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Looks like there will be very few Windows Phone purchases in the next few months. Microsoft today announced that current Windows Phone 7.5 devices won't be able to run its new Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, those devices will get an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8, which will incorporate the new-look Start Screen of Windows 8. 

Microsoft also announced that Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and HTC would create Windows Phone 8 devices, which will run Qualcomm processors, and be available in 50 languages and 180+ countries. Also, updates to the Windows Phone 8 operating system will be delivered over the air, and devices will be supported for at least 18 months. There's no word, though, if the carriers themselves would be pushing out the updates, or if they'd be coming from Microsoft itself. However, Micorosft said it was starting a program that will let registered enthusiasts get early access to updates before they're released to the public.

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  • Kwefi Leonie King Says:

    Thunder fire this Microsoft companies for having isolated the windows phones from other phones,making it sp incompatible and very impossible to upgrade to the latest versions,I advise no one buys windows phones again,its a mess

  • binod sharma Says:

    I want upgrate Nokia lumia 710 to 7.8

  • K S Subramanyachar Says:

    I want upgrade my lumia 800 wp7.5 to wp8

  • akinpelu segun Says:

    I want to update my lumia710 from 7.5 to 8

  • isaac chikuta Says:

    I want to upgrade windows 7.5 to 8

  • Steven Says:

    Microsoft doesn't consider their customers's interest.If everybody goes for Android,what will be their joy?please consider us your customer's interest.

  • alex12 Says:

    Microsoft are unfair we acquire these phones expensively eventually they become obsolete .... I just have to buy a new phone and this time I will try android

  • daniel pro Says:

    hey guys can you please help me find a way of using my bluetooth even with non-windows devices because i am really disturbed with transfering my content to my phone

  • hrithik ch Says:

    oooh my phone is so fast from before

  • jonas ampah Says:

    How to update windows7 to windows8

  • Ahmad A Says:

    Nokia has allowed Microsoft to not only take advantage of their own users/clients/customers but also those loyal to Nokia, I've had my Lumia 900 for less than one year. Extremely bad business practices for two companies trying to make their presence felt in markets already dominated by their competitors, the U.S. market for Nokia and windows smartphones for Microsoft. Here is my bottom line "TAKE YOUR WINDOWS 8 AND SHOVE IT" it is not a necessity! For those of you who are willing to continue to bend over for Microsoft "I hope you enjoy how it feels".

  • Ringkesh Meitei Says:

    OTA update is good, hope for 7.5 not the hardware change but at least some softwares

  • Soulice Says:

    Epic fail! I have one and now I am going to switch to android!

  • Phil T Says:

    It was also confirmed that Windows 8 apps will not be backwards compatible with Windows 7.5 devices. Silly me for buying a Lumia 900.

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