What Song Is That? Shazam For BlackBerry Now Available

Shazam, the company behind the popular music identification application on the iPhone, has just announced that it's now available through the BlackBerry App World store. Like on the iPhone, when you launch the application on your BlackBerry, you'll be able to hold it up to a speaker to have it identify what song is currently playing through the stereo or your TV. Once it has identified the song, you can choose to purchase it from Amazon, or send the song to friends via SMS or BlackBerry PIN. We've been impressed by the service in the past.  One time during a bus trip we held up our iPhone and it was able to pick up a light jazz track playing over the bus's speakers.  Unlike the iPhone app, though, this version isn't free so we don't think it will be as popular. Anyone who downloads the app between now and May 31 will be able to use the full version for 60 days, but the application will otherwise cost $4.99. Want to find out what song is playing the cheap way? Write down a few lyrics and Google them later.