What Kind Of Laptop Does Computer Engineer Barbie Have?

Barbie's new career is a hot topic on our favorite social networks as geeks celebrate Mattel's decision to create a Computer Engineer Barbie complete with a set of techie accessories. The shot of her from Mattel's morning event didn't reveal too much about the laptop she's got except the color: pink, naturally (someone won't be pleased). The image on the right comes from Mattel's press website and provides a pretty good look at the hardware (click here for a hi-res closeup).

Judging from the proportional size, Barbie's laptop is a netbook. And that screen looks more like Linux than Windows. We guess she probably has a workstation at the office for when she needs to crunch large pieces of code or administer servers. So what kind of netbook does Barbie carry on the go?

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

My first guess was a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 as the rounded corners in the front look similar to those on Barbie's netbook. Plus, S10s are very popular with the Linux crowd. Maybe she's put Ubuntu or Joli Cloud on it!

Sony Vaio W

The IdeaPad S10-2 not exactly the right shade of pink, though. The Sony VAIO W is closer. And if you look at Barbie's keyboard up close, it does seem to have a chiclet-style layout.

HP Mini 110

Then again, Barbie's keyboard is pink, so this HP Mini 110 looks a lot closer.

Which of these netbooks do you think Barbie is carrying? Or do you have a model of your own to nominate? Take our poll below and we'll share the results with the Barbie team when we meet them at ToyFair.

(Thanks to the Pink Laptop blog for providing such a handy -- and frightening -- list of pink netbooks.)