Why I Don't Want A Pink Laptop or Netbook for Valentine's Day (or EVER)

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pinklaptopsI have been meaning to get this off my chest for a while: I hate pink notebooks. And seeing the release of the baby pink Samsung NC10 —one of my favorite netbooks on the market—I have just about had it with companies slapping pink on their current notebooks to make them appeal to women. First, let me start off by saying I have never been a pink lady. I never liked pink dresses when I was a little girl and my room was never outfitted like that of Elle Woods; no pink boas, curtains, or tutus in sight. Oh, and Paris Hilton's pink-outfitted Bentley makes me want to throw up.  But even if I liked the color pink, I think I would still hate pink laptops (and I am not the first to say it, either). Too often these days we see notebooks vendors and other consumer electronics manufacturers (cell phone, MP3 makers), trying to reach out to the female market by simply (or half-assedly, if you ask me) taking an existing product and making it pink. And its not typically a solid pink either; it tends to be that wretched muted Barbie, newborn-baby pink. Sure, some women do like pink, but most are attracted to a lot more than the color; they want a product that is modern, sophisticated, sleek, and useful. That is why a survey in 2007 found that only 9 percent of women thought it was important that gadgets looked "feminine." Turning a notebook or netbook pink doesn't make it for a woman; in fact, many woman prefer the typical white, silver, and black schemes. The pink in my mind is patronizing; it says, "Hey, we got this in pink! Now it's perfect for women!" This isn't to say companies aren't already going beyond the pinkwashing. For instance, Sony's P Series is aggressively marketed toward women and comes in a variety of hues. And that is exactly what I would like to see: notebooks coming in a selection of stylish and bold colors, and if baby pink is one of them, so be it. So, before you buy your special gal a pink laptop (or gadget) this upcoming Valentine's Day, make sure you know she wants one, unless you're okay with sleeping on the couch for a month. Note: Pink products that support Breast Cancer research are totally fine in my book.
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  • Arkadia Says:

    Any girl that kicks their man out for buying her a pink laptop doesn't deserve a man in their lives. Lol. I know you were kidding. Right? :) I'm actually looking to buy an asus laptop. It's more on the red side of pink...not Barbie doll pink. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not the color will make it difficult to resell the laptop when I'm done with it. There are other colors though...green, black, white...I'm not fussy about choosing one of those instead...but I'd still like to know if pink is hard to sell...

  • Pink Laptop Lover Says:

    I don't think making an already-solid product pink is "trying to reach out to the female market by simply (or half-assedly, if you ask me) taking an existing product and making it pink" - they assume that it's already a good enough product for all sexes and just want to personalize it more for women who DO want pink accessories. I don't think it's a statement on what women need in technology at all. But good article, anyways. :)

  • Rozax Says:

    Just as aggravating as this, I was dumbfounded when I saw pink LeapFrog gadgets "for girls". I initially thought the LeapFrog was brilliant, because it would naturally be green, and it could avoid indoctrination. I exhaled too soon.

    What some people don't understand about us disliking pink is that it was forced on us from an early age. My parents even took me kicking and screaming to a parlor to get my ears pierced. I never wanted my ears pierced, and I never pretended that I wanted my ears pierced. Even more sad, the witches running the joint didn't tell my parents, "She's not ready to have her ears pierced; take her home." They let my dad hold me still as they punched those little metal rods through my ear. I hate indoctrination.

    I love this post, though! I agree 100%!

  • danii Says:

    i got the pink and white samsung N150 for college! i love it! its an awesome bubblegum pink! and really there are not that many pink products on the market! ive been serching for matching stuff such as a mouse/ case/ external dvd drive for ages! everything electronic i have ever owned had been black and frankly black and silver are such boring colours! having a rant about companies making pink laptops and netbooks is quite pathetic really! its just like saying i dont like yellow so rubber ducks offend me!! grow up!!

  • misstiff Says:

    i like the pink i like the blue to but if u can fined it with out paying alot for it then go for it

  • Corinn Says:

    Whee, blog post necromancy linkage.

    Sony's the only company that makes pink gadgets look good. They use that White Zinfandel shade of pink that doesn't really look "girly," but looks elegant and sophisticated. The Vaio TZ with the wine-pink brushed aluminum lid contrasting on the black looks really, really good.

    The same pink's used on the pink version of the Sony NWZ-A728 (of which I own the black version, as my ruby red Etymotic HF5s would clash horribly with pink) and it really does look good.

  • John Says:

    Any woman who rewards her significant other for buying her a laptop by banishing him to the couch for a month ought to have her head examined.

  • dator problem Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points. I will subscribe to the feed.. :)

  • Love Pink Says:

    Love it!!!
    I love my new VAIO laptop in white. It's very functional, comfortable and easy to type, and not too heavy. (about 6 lbs.) I can easily travel with it and it's very nice and modern looking! I got it for a great price too. I highly recommend this computer!

  • Perfect Smile Says:

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  • Carol Says:

    The person who wrote the original complaint about pink laptops had to go out of her way and try extra hard to be offended. I think the computer companies that offer pink as a color choice are doing so out of a sense of fun, not because they are being patronizing and/or condescending to women. Pink is not a weak color, it's not an insulting color, it's not a manipulative color...it's just a color.

  • Sam Johnston Says:

    I wouldn't mind a transparent MacBook actually... especially since I dented my aluminium one last week. Would want to be some fancy nanotech stuff though so it didn't scratch or shatter :)


  • Go Pink Laptops Says:

    This quote from your article pretty much sums it up:

    "The pink in my mind is patronizing; it says, "Hey, we got this in pink! Now it's perfect for women!""

    It is all in your mind. No company markets its pink products by actually saying that. You made that up and now you believe it. You seem conflicted when you later state that you would like to see laptops come in stylish colors and "if pink is one of them then so be it." That is what in reality is going on, but as you admit you imagined and assigned something else to it so now you view it as patronizing. Too bad for you. Lighten up a little.

  • I. M. Gay Says:

    #1 - The above chain is hysterical.

    #2 - I'm super gay - and even I think these laptops are a little much. . .

  • K. T. Bradford Says:

    SoWhat, you seem awfully angry about this. Just because you're a fan of the color pink doesn't mean that Joanna isn't entitled to her opinion. Her point about the breast cancer awareness products being okay had more to do with the fact that Susan G Komen Foundation is using pink as part of their brand, not just as a way to say "this is for women".

    I find it very insulting that tech manufacturers seem to put little thought into making products that will appeal to women beyond: "if it's Barbie pink they will love it!" There are so many other factors that go into what women want out of tech beyond color--beyond just one color. Pink does not equal Women the way Blue does not equal Men.

    I fully agree that manufacturers and marketing people should stop making decisions based on surface-level, stereotypical assumptions about gender. It serves no one well.

    Also, if I may suggest: responding to a blog post with screaming/all caps, ranting and rudeness is more in line with "bitchy" behavior than writing a blog post with a strong opinion backed up with sources. Disagree with Joanna all you like, but keep the tirades to the 4chan boards. Or else <a href="http://xkcd.com/438/" rel="nofollow">this may happen to you</a>!

  • SoWhat Says:

    I love the way she adds an addendum stating it is fine that Breast Cancer awareness is fine to use pink...what a hypocrit! If you find the color pink patronizing to women, then you need to be courageous enough to admit it for all venues lady. You are a coward! Besides, like I stated before, who needs your stamp of approval? You think you are that important? LOL I also would LOVE to know how you derived at your statistics to state most women don't like pink??? Actually, they must, because whenever pink hits the market for adult women (usually a pale pink color), the items sell fast!

    I'll also make sure my female co-workers in the medical field know that you approve of the color pink for breast cancer awareness, but nothing else! LOL You crack me up. Maybe you don't look good in the color and you are a dumpy, overweight woman??? Your commentary proved your lack of intelligence as well.

    Yeah, I'm going off on this too much perhaps, but reading your post just pissed me off. I hate women like you!

  • SoWhat Says:

    P.S. The woman who started this thread with her ridiculous complaint about pink, obviously
    has some real insecurity issues. For her to feel offended by such a silly thing is really something.

    Just because some of like the color pink, doesn't mean we are sacrificing the desire for quality to go
    hand in hand with it either. If something like this seems patronizing to you, my God lady, you have no life, and a hell of a lot of psych problems. I suggest you see a shrink. What a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SoWhat Says:

    So who cares what you think? Not everyone is you! And...they have plenty of other colors
    to go around for you to choose from, so stop the bitching!! Frankly, I'm sick and tire of the same ole, same ole male looking black and chrome on just about every friggin gadget on the market these days.

    Secondly, I do like the color pink, and I am a tough cookie. Not only strong, but educated with a measurable high IQ, common sense and street smarts.

    I'm sick and tired of society feeling that pretty, strong, and intelligent don't mix. In reality, they can and do!

    I'm sick and tired of some women feeling afraid to BE ALL, due to ignorant stereotypical attitudes stemming from Hollywood BS. People who believe such nonsense, demonstrate how lacking their
    intelligent quotient is!

    If your a woman who doesn't like pink, fine, that is your perogative, but if you do like pink, then don't
    be afraid to admit it or flaunt it. Stop living in fear of what others think, because when you do, you
    lose yourself and hand over control to the other person making you feel silly. Finally, if your a beautiful and intelligent women, BE PROUD OF IT, AND SCREW WHOMEVER DOESN'T LIKE IT!

    You don't have to lose your feminine side either.

  • schnapp Says:

    I'd love to show my manly confidence by using a pink netbook. Lots of good things are pink. I would also like my netbook to have a long bushy pink tail that I can comb and groom and braid. In a manly way.

  • Pete Says:

    But couldn't one say black gadgets are aimed for men? Silver gadgets are aimed for techies (now that gadgets are supposed to promote life's efficiency)? Is there really a neutral non-patronising color?

    Besides, the idea of pink=feminie / blue = masculine is a cultural invention. The act of saying pink = feminine might be inferred as patronising.

  • LovesPink Says:

    Get over it. Some women like pink. Can't you find other constructive things to write about?

  • Sascha Says:

    You are absolutely right Joanna but just for the western market! I think this is something we easily forget, there is more stuff like this going on in Asia.

    Nope, i would never get any girlfriend or female around me a pink product. Female gadgets, female it products are not really existing and the manufacturers are missing out a huge market.

    And no, you can't lotsa female buyers with pink products over here... well not for computers or gadgets. Not sure if that will ever change

  • jenny Says:

    I like pink. i am not a girly girl. But I love things in pink. I agree that it's BS when companies make their gadgets pink and think they've appealed to all women everywhere instead of actually producing products to fit in my life (hey, how about a good looking laptop bag with a strap I can wear between my boobs comfortably?). But the more colors gadgets come in, the better, in my opinion. I don't think it's important that gadgets look "feminine" but, like a LOT of other customers I do think it's important they look cool. The sales of apple since they started making a variety of candy colored gadgets should attest to that!

  • Xavier Says:

    Hey Joanna- I don't see anything wrong with offering pink notebooks as long as it's one of many options. But I don't like it when the color offerings are black, black, black and PINK- that means the PC company isn't trying hard enough.
    I'm not a pink fan either, but I think what's happened over the years w/cell phone personalization is happening to notebooks. Cat's already out of the bag and you'll just have to get used to a pink notebook popping up every once in a while.

    Besides, why would they stop making pink computers when it generates so much buzz?

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