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Victorinox SSD Fits a Terabyte of Memory into a Swiss Army Knife

We can't think of a better place to put one of the world's smallest solid state drives than a Swiss Army Knife. Of course, the market price for a solid state drive still makes for costly storage options, and this gadget is no exception.  Today Victorinox, which first showed off a solid state drive fit for a Swiss Army Knife last January, announced that the new multitasker's gadget will be available in five memory capacities. The starting price: $470 for 64GB of high-speed 256 AES encrypted solid state action.

The remaining price points are as follows:

  • 128GB for $570
  • 256GB for $920
  • 512GB for $1700
  • a terabyte for upwards of $2000

What can we say? It costs a lot to put a solid state drive in your pocket. Once it's nestled there though, users can take advantage of support for both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and faster eSATA II port options as well. Plus, the tiny drive includes an LCD display for labeling, supports automatic backup, and comes in two configurations. The red option includes Swiss Army Knife staples like a blade, scissors, nail file, and screwdriver while a black option is designated "flight-friendly", most likely with smaller TSA-friendly blades and other harmless implements. 

Look for more on the Victorinox SSD later this week at CES 2012.