New Tech Turns Smartphones Into Sonar Sensors

Your smartphone or tablet might not have much use when you're out fishing, but Vexilar's SonarPhone can change that. Starting at $129, SonarPhone products connect to your mobile device and turn your touchscreen into a fully-functioning sonar sensor for when you're out on the water. 

The SonarPhone line starts with the $129 T-POD, which is a pocket-sized Wi-Fi transmitter that can track water at speeds up to 5 miles per hour. The $149 T-BOX SP-200 is meant to be permanently installed on your boat, while the $199 T-BOX Sp-300 is billed as a "portable boat installation" with a rechargeable 12-volt battery. 

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All models tout a wireless range of 300 feet between the transmitter and your smartphone or tablet, and each include a neoprene arm band for keeping your smartphone safely on your wrist while you fish. These products work in conjunction with the SonarPhone app, which is free for iOS and Android. The software provides an interactive glance at the water via your SonarPhone transmitter, with features like temperature tracking, depth tracking and special alarms for when fish or shallow water are detected. 

The SonarPhone line is available for purchase now on its official website. If you don't have a SonarPhone device, you can still demo some of its features via the mobile app. 

Michael Andronico
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