How to Use Safari in iOS 7

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Apple's Safari browser accounts for nearly 62 percent of all mobile searches, which is one reason Apple wants to continue innovating with that particular feature of iOS 7. In fact, Apple gave its mobile browser white a makeover with the release of the new version of the operating system. And it's a makeover that's not just skin deep, thanks to new features such as tabbed browsing, private mode, graphically appealing bookmarks and viewing shared links with others. To make the most of your next search, you'll want to know how to use all those feature to impress your friends and family. Here's our step-by-step instructions on how to get started. 

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1. Search for a Web page or enter a URL. Unlike the previous version of Safari, which has a window specifically for each function, Safari in iOS 7 has just one window at the top. Press it, and a keyboard will appear. Enter the term or the URL you wish to search for. Below the search bar are thumbnails of your bookmarked pages.


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2. View or open new tabs by pressing the icon at the bottom right of the screen. This will show scrollable thumbnails of all the open tabs; select the one you want, or, if you want to open a new tab, press the Plus icon. From this window, you can also close individual tabs by pressing the small X at the upper right of each tab.


3. Enter Private mode by pressing Private in the tab view. Similar to Google's Incognito mode, this means you'll be able to surf without saving your session into your history or keeping cookies active when you're done. Safari will give you the option of keeping all your current tabs open, or closing them in Private mode. 

LP and T are also changed so the ipads have ios7 on them


When you're in Private mode, the bars at the top and the bottom of the screen will turn from a translucent white to a translucent gray; it's somewhat subtle.

4. View your bookmarks by pressing the Bookmark icon (second from the right) at the bottom of the screen. In the window that opens, select the bookmark you want. 



Here, you can also view pages you added to your reading list (the eyeglasses icon), as well as view links shared by others on Twitter (the @ icon, pictured below). 


5. Share a Web page by pressing the icon in the bottom middle of the screen (the one that looks like a square with an arrow pointing out the top). This will open a screen giving you the option to share a page via Airdrop, instant message, email, Twitter or Facebook. Here, you can also bookmark the page, add it to your reading list, home screen, or let you copy or print the page.



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  • John J Says:

    My ipad is the best piece of tech, the apps are great, though Safari is just lacking. I had google search as a bookmark then it vanished. I can't setup bookmarks like I can in chrome, can't find in page and i thought this web site would help but no. Back to chrome.

  • Pook Says:

    I mean, did they seriously leave out a "Find on Page" feature? Are you kidding me?

  • Ellz Says:

    To search a page in Safari, simply tap the URL/keyword text box-field in the browser, start typing the word you want to search for and you'll see an option that pops up that says:"ON THIS PAGE." Select it and you'll see your search word highlighted. To bookmark a page: click on the square with an arrow pointing up icon, select "Bookmark" and name your bookmark.

  • chidinma Says:

    apple ipad 4 is nice but check out for Samsung ipad is more enjoyable, for calls, sms, the Bluetooth accept all device. improve your technology for better use. safari in ipad is so annoying.

  • Al Marshall Says:

    You have to love these payed adverts disguised as enthusiastic praise from supposed fans. Totally overlooking obvious bugs and flaws... The thing is hard to navigate, text is small to read... Icons are thin lines and no more easy tab or bookmarks to find.
    Fingers activate functions by mistake... On and on... Yeah great fantastic upgrade... I wonder how much the guy writing praises got payed?

  • Mike Bosworth Says:

    No-one seems to be responding to the questions asked here. I too cannot find how to bookmark a favourite page. So now I am going to try chrome as this new Safari is hopeless. Apple! Are you reading this? You really stuffed up on this one!

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