Updated MSI X340 has longer battery life, lower price

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msi_x340_57g The low-cost ULV market just got a bit more competitive: MSI made some much-needed improvements to its X340, making this ultraportable much more affordable and attractive to consumers. Since we first reviewed a preproduction unit of the X340 in May,  the company is now offering the notebook with an 8-cell battery, more than doubling its endurance to 8 hours and 48 minutes. At the same time, MSI reduced the price of the X340 to $799 from $899. While we initially knocked the X340's 4-cell battery for having somewhat low endurance (3 hours and 38 minutes, to be exact), its new score boosts it above a competing ultraportable, the Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T, whose battery lasted 8:05 on the LAPTOP Battery Test. Moreover, the X340 is now $100 less expensive than the Acer. The extended battery increases the X340's weight to 3.4 pounds from 2.9 pounds, but it's hardly enough to notice, and the battery's wedge-shaped design blends neatly into the underside of the chassis. For consumers who already purchased an X340 with a 4-cell battery, MSI will offer the 8-cell for $99.


While the X340 has the same internal specs as before (Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 CULV, 2GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive), MSI made one other critical improvement: the keyboard no longer acts like a trampoline. While there is still a tiny bit of flex, it's not enough to be distracting. msi_x340_62g So: better battery, better keyboard, and a lower price? These three improvements to the X340 are enough for us to bump its rating from 3.5 stars to 4. Good job, MSI!
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  • Nelle Says:

    To be safe. The X600 that just came out should be all equipped with the new keyboard. Yeah, the first release of the X-slim keyboards were pretty flimsy. They should be all okay now. Just be careful when buying from second hand sellers. Buy from the company's web store to be safe. They're pretty good at handling customer issues.

  • MJ Says:

    I have read so many editor and user reviews re how bad the original keyboard is, I want to make sure I buy the new model...does anyone know how to tell the difference yet?

  • Mark Says:

    Yeah I can't tell where and when to get the new model. Someone needs to iron this out. I am waiting to buy this PC. I tried the old keyboard and it is total MUSH

  • John Says:

    How can you distinguish between the 'old' model and the upgraded one? Are they different model numbers?

  • Mei Chi Says:

    I'm so stoked for this but i dont know where to buy it. Where can i get the new version in canada? the only place that sells it is staples but its the old version (as it is still the 4 cell battery)

  • MikeP Says:

    The new model will be available in about two weeks, according to an MSI representative.

  • Cliff Says:

    I am so going to buy one right now!!!!!

  • marcus Says:

    Noticed that <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/002LE8D98/l0476-20" rel="nofollow">amazon has this on pre-order for $800</a>.

    Although I do like it alot MSI has competition not only from Acer's Timeline series but also the new Dell Inspiron 13 that packs quite a bit of goodies in it's small 13inch frame. From Engadget's site:

    "takes some nice design cues from the Inspiron Mini and Studio lines, and the configuration with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics costs just S$1,399 ($962). Oh, and there's also an LED-backlit 1366 x 768 display, HDMI / VGA out, an ExpressCard/34 slot, and 1394"

    Here's the link:


    Decisions decisions...

  • Pacheco Says:

    It's gonna be great!!!

  • jROCK Says:

    Any retailers selling the new model yet?

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