How to Uninstall the April 2018 Update and Go Back to a Previous Version of Windows 10

The April 2018 Update is stable, efficient, and adds a lot of nifty new tricks and features that Windows users are sure to love. But, we get it, change is hard. If you’d prefer to go back to the tried and true version of Windows you were using before you made the switch to the newest version, it’s actually quite simple.

But be warned, this will remove any changes you’ve made (or apps you’ve updated/downloaded) since updating to the latest version. As always, it’s best to do a full backup before attempting something like this.

  1. Open the Start Menu and click Settings.

  2. Click Update and security.

  3. Select Recovery from the sidebar at the left.

  4. Click the Get started button under Go back to a previous version of Windows 10 section.
  5. Choose the reason you’d like to roll back the latest update to a previous version.

  6. Click Next to continue. Or choose Cancel if you’ve changed your mind.