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Ultimate Car Dock Sends Texts and Makes Calls Hands-Free

Anyone with a brain knows it's dumb (not to mention dangerous) to text and drive. Apps that make driving safer -- such as hands-free texting apps and apps that block incoming texts while you're driving -- these days are a dime a dozen. But app development company Apps on Toast thinks it has the premier choice for hands-free smartphone apps in its Ultimate Car Dock for Android smartphones.

Ultimate Car Dock (free for a 7-day test drive; $2.99 after) eliminates the need for drivers to even look at their smartphone's display while they're on the road. When you receive a text message, the app reads it to you so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to read. If you want to respond, Ultimate Car Dock enables voice response. You can also initiate a call and answer calls with your voice.

In addition to communication functions, Ultimate Car Dock also enables users to initiate navigation and music through voice command. As not to suck all the battery life out of your smartphone before arriving at your destination, the app enters a sleep mode after a few minutes of activity. Users can tap the display to wake up the smartphone.

Apps on Toast recommends that users add their favorite shortcuts to Ultimate Car Dock's home screen, set their preferences and get familiar with the app before they begin driving. There's already quite the market for hands-free texting apps, however Ultimate Car Dock's combination of texting, calling, music and navigation functionalities might make it the app of choice for versatile drivers.