How to Turn Off Find My iPhone in iOS 7

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Apple’s Find My iPhone tool is certainly useful, but there are times you may want to turn it off to preserve your iPhone’s battery life. The built-in security tool allows you to track your iPhone if its ever lost or stolen, similar to the LoJack software service for computers. While we would recommend disabling other iOS 7 features first, such as AirDrop or individually restricting other apps from using your location, you can turn off Find my iPhone in iOS 7 with just a few quick steps.

1. Navigate to the Settings icon on your home screen.


2. Scroll down to the Privacy option. This is in the same batch as General, Sounds, and Wallpapers & Brightness.


3. Select Location Services.


4. Tap the Find My iPhone option at the bottom of your apps list.

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5. Press the green switch next to Find My iPhone to disable the service.

step5iphone 675403

Now, try not to lose your phone while this feature is disabled.

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  • Pat gray Says:

    Can u plz tell me how to turn off find my iPhone on iPhone 5S. I need to do this in order to get warranty work on my phone as per apple

  • Mike1 Says:

    By turning off find my iPhone and my location app will anyway will be able to locate my where about

  • paul maez Says:

    Please show me how to see whos on my Wi-FiPhone storage apps

  • Vickie Says:

    I would like to turn off this phone and can't find out how to do it

  • Ann Says:

    Thank you THANK YOU!!! Very easy instructions to a simple but irritating problem that is NOT in the manual.

  • JoeKoo Says:

    Thanks for the info Lisa! It's important to know how to turn it off for me. I manage corporate account, and when a user return a company cell phone when he/she leaves the company without turning it off, then I cannot do the factory reset to clean it out for a next user since it requires iCloud login for the previous user to do that.

  • Peter Stott Says:

    Thank you so much for the information regarding switching off Find My iPhone.

  • Ken Says:

    My problem: I need to turn off "Find my phone" to do a restore. I cannot turn off "Find My Phone" because I cannot get into "Settings." "Settings" crashes immediately upon touching the icon- a quick flash to a bland gray screen then back to home page. This is the reason I was doing a restore in the first place- to hopefully get my Settings function to work again. I'm in a death spiral. I can't do a restore to repair Settings without turning off "Find My Phone" and I can't turn off FMP without getting into settings. What am I suppose to do?

  • JC Says:

    Thank you for simple, easy to follow instructions...and great use of screenshots! I can't restore my backups without turning this feature off (wasn't required before), and you made it a breeze.

  • russell Says:

    i would like to deactivate find my phone. please do this for me thanks.

  • matt fox Says:

    if someone turns off find my iPhone simply because it wastes energy, then when their phone comes up lost or stolen, then they deserve it.

  • Dan Says:

    Matthew Fox - Maybe it is you who is stupid - not the article.
    It is informative as it was here for me in a time when it is a requirement to turn off find my iPhone. This has to be turned off when restoring a backup for a new phone.
    Maybe you should save your pathetic opinion for another post that allows stupid responses.

  • matthew fox Says:

    I would like this article
    Removed or fixed. It is very irresponsible. It took years for police officers and consumers to get apple to get activation lock In ios 7 and now you are telling people how to turn off this feature just to save trivial battery power.

    The major issue I have with this article is that you do not need to turn off find my iPhone, you keep this on at all times
    If you want to save power you turn off location services only.

    An actual find my iPhone lost mode request will force location services on and it will stay on until someone unlocks
    The phone.

    Some people are confused. They think that turning off location services ( with find my iPhone on ) will prevent them
    From locating their phone. They don't see the blue dot on the map and they think it is a lost cause.

    Not so fast. All you do is click on all devices. All your icloud devices will be listed. Your iPhone or iPad or iPod
    Will show you that location services is turned off and you will think all hope is lost

    No. You click on lost mode. Type In a message and a phone number, after a minute, the I device will force
    Location services back on and it will stay on until someone enters your unlock code.

    This is the way icloud and find my iPhone works. And I want the article removed. If you do not want to remove it, then please fix it, so the article says do not turn off find my iPhone under any circumstance, unless you sell it. And to only turn off location services. Find your iPhone will be your back door to get your phone back.

    Now i will troll here and suggest if you really want to do a great find my iPhone story write an article
    About tmobile'a free 200 mb of data they give you for cellular enabled iPads. That $129 for the cellular modem
    And GPS and free tmobile data plan will reunite a lost or stolen Ipad a lot faster then a regular wifi only iPads.

    A lost of stolen iPad that is wifi only cannot connect to unknown wifi networks or free wifi hotspots like mcdonalds where you have to click i agree if it's locked. So it might take a very long time to find a wifi only ipad.
    But if you sign up with tmobile's offer and get the tmobile model, or any cellular ipad with their sim, your going to be able to get your ipad back a lot faster.

    Another problem with wifi iPads is the location it give you is only apple's guess based on their database of wifi hotspots,

    It's not accurate like the GPS

    It used to be easy to dismiss the cellular connectivity in terms of cost, because you need to pay for the data plan and the modem. But now I think with free data , i think everyone should consider getting the tmobile's offer

  • matthew fox Says:

    Thus is got to be the stupidest article I have ever read.

    First of all you should never turn off find my iPhone. Because you are screwed if you lose your phone.

    Another reason this article is complexity stupid is that if you shutdown location services, but leave find my iPhone turned on, if your phone is lost, find my iPhone will force location services back on. If you turn off location services only, and the go to icloud,com or find my iPhone and click on all devices, and put your iPhone in post mode, location services will remain turned on until the phone is unlocked.

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