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Treats Truck Owner from Torch Commercial Still Sweet on BlackBerry, Even the PlayBook

Kim Ima, "owner/baker/driver/eater" of the Treats Truck, became a celebrity after appearing in the nationwide BlackBerry Torch commercial. Kim has been a star in New York City for years, thanks to her delicious cookies and rice crispies that have been delighting the hungry and sweet-toothed all over the city. We met up with Kim and asked her about her beloved BlackBerry and introduced her to the BlackBerry Playbook (while taking full advantage of the free brownie samples).

"I'm in love with this Keyboard," she said. Kim pulled the BlackBerry Torch out of her pocket and flipped between the keyboard and touchscreen. She explained how it helps her run and promote the Treats Truck, from getting the latest weather and traffic reports to tweeting the trucks location. She also uses it to update her web page and find locations on the map.

Kim told the story of a 17-year-old boy and his Mom who were visiting New York for the weekend. The Treats Truck was on their "list of things to do" while they were in town. They emailed Kim, who then used her BlackBerry to reply and let them know exactly where she was, making two very happy customers.

We passed her the BlackBerry PlayBook so she could go hand- on with it for the first time. After a few minutes of holding it, Kim was confidently flipping through tabs and testing the keyboard. "I like the size of it, it's like a paperback's nice," she said, giving it her seal of approval. Despite not being a touchscreen fan, Kim felt the keys were big enough and well spaced so it could still be easily used.

With BlackBerry stock prices dwindling, we asked Kim if she was at all concerned about the future of her favorite tech company? "I'm not worried," she said. "Technology develops so fast...I think it's a good product and I enjoy using it."

For those who missed it, the original BlackBerry Torch commercial featuring the Treats Truck is below.