Top 10 Laptops of CES 2011

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Tablets and Tegra dominated this year's CES, but we also saw a lot of notebooks worthy of coveting on the show floor as well. We're looking forward to a powerhouse first quarter with so many notebooks featuring Intel's Sandy Bridge chips or AMD's Fusion APUs inside. And don't forget the gaming power of Nvidia's GeForce GPUs. Dozens of notebooks were announced during the show, but here are the 10 that interested us the most.

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  • mark Says:

    Your website has a really bad pop up problem! you can read its publications because of the God Dam PoP Ups!!!

  • bretlin mello Says:

    Are there any programs that allow us to have a payment deducted from our paychecks for the purpose of purchasing llaptops? I realize there is cost involed setting up a process like this but it would be a huge benefit for HP employees.

    Thank uou
    Bretlin Mello

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