Top 10 Gadgets for Apple Haters

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Maybe you're annoyed that they're no longer the underdog. Or maybe you prefer the openness of Android and Windows to Apple's walled garden. Or maybe you despise that people line up around the block to be the first to get new iPhones. Maybe you just hate fruit. Whatever the reason, you just don't like Apple. Well, guess what? There are great alternatives to every product Apple makes, many of which are simply better. Here are our top 10 picks.

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  • kitt202070 Says:

    and by the way. I been using iphone 3,3s,4 (pluse jailbroken it and unlock it) & 4s. And I even test drive the iphone 5 for 14 days. Still great iphone. But there notthing for me to say WoW or Yeaa about. Moving to Galaxy Note 2, to see what I can lean. Maybe after a few years when Note 2 is nolonger WoW me. I can move to other phone that will Wow me.

  • kitt202070 Says:

    App vs. Sam. Let the battle begin!!!, wait, Let the battle continue, more like it...
    Because of this tech titan fight, we all have a better, greater, smart phone in our hand. One tech company is trying to over due the other (stealing, cheating, lieing, what ever it take). The more battle for this tech titan, the better the smart phone consumer will have in the future.
    If you going to point out due to the battle, that the reason smartphone price is going up. Well, keep in mind that, If the price is to high, consumer won't be able to afford it. So there for, tech titan have to price it just right for every to buy.

  • joey Says:

    apple=nice software but crappy hardware. why they switched to intel??? I love my samsung galaxy s3 and also my iphone 4s. still i think.... it's for the profits that apple always gives us inferior hardware and updates (minimally) their phones... at the end people DO update their phones simply to have the latest phones. of course that is the minority that has the most cash and who don't care. I can guarantee that APPLE fanboys/girls who have more money than they can spend are the ones fighting/arguing Android people who are more into good hardware and openness. At the end of the day WHO cares what you like. If it helps you with your life...what you do.... what you need it for... every single platform is good. RIGHT? So STOP saying who is better and who is worst. We can all come up with negative/positive things for each platform.

  • Rick Says:

    Bottom line, the iphone 5 can not compete with todays Android phones. Dayna, you don't have a clue...

  • Patrick Str Says:

    @Jon Shurtleff - Network speeds aren't limited by your ISP. Your statement is irrelevant. This is why you don't have anything equivalent to this, because you don't know what it is for.

    @Julio - Macs aren't immune to viruses either. They are less susceptible only because they hold much less of the market share, and a virus' goal is to infect as many PCs as possible making it unreasonable to write a virus for Macs. If this ever changes, then it will be Macs always getting the viruses and Windows being virus free. That is how it works. Finally, Windows 7 plus Microsoft Security Essentials and never get a virus again.

    @Diver - Bob had a few good points, but failed to deliver. He was right that you can get an equivalent PC for half the price of a Mac. The cost with Macs go towards the software and a proprietary, unfragmented OS, while hardware is being sacrificed. The products are still high quality, but if you don't fully utilize what you are paying for, it is like buying an iPhone and only ever making calls with it. You could have just used that old Nokia 5165... Another thing that makes PCs seem crappy in the eyes of Apple enthusiasts is that they are preloaded with bloatware. This helps to bring the cost down due to deals that the software developers made with the computer manufacturer. Anyone who knows how to properly uninstall software can remedy this, but if it was a desktop they were buying, they would likely just build their own with better hardware at the same, much lower price (compared to an equivalent Mac) anyway.

    I'm not against Apple, except that they rip off most of the people that buy from them, and these consumers don't even realize it. This isn't the fault of Apple either. Clearly they had done great job with their marketing strategy and many consumers that don't have a clue follow blindly because they had a bad Windows experience (of which was completely their fault, not that they would recognize that).

  • Julio Says:

    give me a break.. aren't you pc fans ashamed that all ya do is copy apple??? HAHAHAHAHA!! this is nothing more than a macbook air (shitty edition) lol! i bet is not thinner nor lighter.

  • Julio Says:

    ok so tell me something.. this computer claims to be better than the macbook pro.. but, doest the computer get virus or not.. just asking :) when microsoft finally comes out with the technology of making computers virus free, then, ya might just start competing with macs. ya always wait for apple to make the first move and then copy them and trying to make a better copy. whats original stays original

  • Diver Says:

    @Bob: You know nothing about Macs. The PCs you speak of are junkyard class garbage.

    @Nick Morgan: You know nothing about Macs. Got bash?

  • Dayna Says:

    The iPhone dominates the smartphone world. I have had both an android phone and an iphone, and in the end, I like the iPhone, it is more user friendly and in the end MORE AFFORDABLE than androids.

    Here is my reasoning: When I bought my android phone, it had JUST been released. (Samsung Infuse 4G) It was $200, the standard price. The phone was great, although little things bothered me: Couldn't post/send and videos over like 3 seconds and it randomly glitched and shut down and froze. Still, it was the best phone you could get, which I decided after TONS of research. What I didn't factor in is how many phones companies like motorola and HTC and Samsung put out. Within months my phone was not the newest version of android nor was it the best/newest phone. The phone was less and less supported. I began to have more problems but months left until my upgrade. At the upgrade, I got the iPhone 4S, which I currently have today. I paid the same price for this phone, $200, but the difference is that it will be the best phone I can get FOR A FULL 12 MONTHS. And after that, it will go years and years before support is diminished in the slightest. Example: The iPhone 3G. How many people still use this phone? Tons. Support stopped at iOS 4.2.1. That phone was released July 11, 2008. Its been 4 years and that phones support has now stopped. How many people have an LG Vu? do you remember that? the god awful phone with one of the first touchscreens outside of apple? that is a ridiculous phone to have now. look it up. Just think a little more before you bitch because you can't face that you got the wrong phone. ive been there. I can't say the same for all apple devices, but the iPhone has no competitors in my book.

  • Ugo Says:

    Hey folks, just get what fancies you. It all depends on what u want. you get new gadgets for entertainment, communication and or business on varying ratios. So it all depends on what you want. its either an apple, windows, android or blackberry. Lets not make too much noise about it. I love touch screens, apples and blackberries. And i prefer phones for calls and entertainment and laptops and desktops for business.

  • Bob Says:

    Apple products aren't "amazing".

    Macs are simply terrible. They offer nothing. I could get a PC with the same hardware for more than half the price of a Mac. Much of the software that was Mac exclusive before is also on Windows. But Macs are still the locked garden they've always been. Extreme prices, low quality.

    The iPhone is good, but other phones and OS have already caught up. It is a good product and I would buy it if it weren't more expensive than its equally good competitors.

    The only special thing Apple offers is high prices.

    High quality and low price is better than high quality and high price.

  • Charlie Pedersen Says:

    In mobile you have a consuming content first attitude. Apple got this quickly and since they didn't have to worry about satisfying a huge customer base (they were and still are a gnat in the comouting world) they just went with a touch interface and abandoned their MacOS users. They didn't care if their new mobile devices did anything with the old OS other than linking for backup and updates. Microsoft, on the other hand, which has a much longer history in mobile and tablet concepts, was hamstrung by a huge customer base which forced on them and they foolishly held to a standard of supporting productivity applications and extreme security and connectivity. You can see the obvious error by Microsoft, but the same could be said for any huge customer base company products. You always have trouble when you are carrying the heavy load and try to switch directions. Apple gets called "innovative and agile" but this is really just a function of: A. My legacy products are crap and only have a niche market, and B. This is our chance to break out in a new direction and get the jump on everyone. Most of the "wow" in apple products were not invented by apple or even conceived there. They have been able to use their weight on suppliers to get good deals and they have been extremely good at marketing new ideas with a flair unmatched in the computing world.
    Bottom line, if you are a consumer of content you will be more easily swayed to apple's new mobile push. If you are a content producer and intend to make money with your devices, then you will be swayed by the wide swath and connectivity, legacy support and security aspects of Microsoft products.
    It's also clear that apple desperately wants to be thought of in the enterprise and Microsoft desperately wants to be thought of in mobile. In the end I think they both will survive to do more of those desires.
    One thing which always makes us flair up on these subjects is the constant goofy claims by apple and it's users about what they "invented" or brought to market. It's like hearing Obama talk about his record as a pro-business and job-creating master. Even if you really like all the good things Obama has done (and there are many) any objective person know the guy is very anti-business and a job killer. Likewise, as good as apple is, don't quit your day job and fall for the "google docs on an iPad is just as good as Office" because that's just a load of crap.

  • SGSIII Says:

    Samsung galaxy S3 kilt ;)

  • Samsungisbetter Says:

    i hate apple because the design for iphones all look the same to me and its so expensive. Samsung is better =)

  • Dave Says:

    Everyone I work with uses windows and most hate it. Most of my friends have macs and all love em to bits. its just more intuitive, sensible and you don't feel like kicking the damn thing every hour. Simples.

  • Carlos Says:

    You all hate Apple, none the less you have to point out the similarity of all these products to Apple...Make you think? On all of them...Apple's product always came out before. Price...why can't you charge a high price for a good product? We see it every day...At the end, people hate that people love Apple products, as simple as that.
    Apple, keep making amazing products.

  • Nick Morgan Says:

    @Eve Clearly you are not involved in the IT industry. I can see how Apple products attract people who edit video/photos, but I don't understand people who buy Apple products for anything else (This is of course excluding the iPhone because it's pretty good and I can definitely see why people buy it).
    The OS platform is not remotely suitable for power users and the premium you pay for a product that doesn't deliver any more functionality than other products on the market is a disgrace.

    You speak of Apple's competitors offering nothing but 'Gimmicks', and I present to you 'FaceTime', 'Siri', and 'Retina Displays'.

    I'm certainly no fanboy, the thought of Windows 8 desktops makes me sick, and the android platform still needs a lot more work, but there is just no way you'd see me reccomend any Apple products (Other than the iPhone) to any business/enterprise/power user.

  • Nick Morgan Says:

    Apple Products are shiny, idiots are attracted to shiny things. Case closed.

    To be fair though, the iPhone is ok for most people, I reckon the HTC One XL (32GB) is the best alternative to the iPhone

  • Drew Says:

    Let another Apple vs. PC comment war commence. I can see these comments getting out of hand quickly...

    This is a great article. I'm not an Apple hater (any more) and deal with both MacOS and Windows on a regular basis. I run both myself. From a software standpoint, there are a lot of things I like about MacOS, but I love Windows too. From a hardware standpoint, I can admit that their design tends to be very good, but I simply can't afford the price premium of most Apple devices. This article points out that you can enjoy great design without having to go to Apple. I love choices!

    @Jon - obviously do not stream HD over your home network. Or transfer large files. Or do anything on a network other than internet ;-)

    @Eve - I see 50/50 people complaining about Apple and Windows based on number of users of each. There are about 5:1 Windows to Mac users that I work with, so I would certainly expect to hear 5:1 difference in complaints and issues. Interestingly, it's more like 3:1 when it comes to issues...

  • Ross Says:

    @Eve - your undoubtedly snobbish attitude towards yourself and your phone - are what people don't like about Apple.

    By the way - you used two "eithers" in there

  • Eve Says:

    @ Adam...too simplest? I think you need all the help you can get my friend. Perhaps when you're "more smarter" you'll see that complexity and gimmicks do not equal quality.

    In this day and age, all computers should all be as intuitive to use and elegantly designed as Apple products. It's easy to hate Apple since they are such a big target, but it is important to note that this article calls these other devices "alternatives"...when all but a handful of these devices are simply imitators.

    I never hear my friends with Macs complaining about their computers, but every one of my PC using friends either complains about either their computer or about Apple...or both. Funny, since people that actually use them LOVE them so much.

  • Adam Says:

    I hate Apple because of price and too simplest design! DOne!

  • Jon Shurtleff Says:

    Who the hell needs 1.3 Gbps? The fastest Internet connections are around 120Mbps and that's 10 times more than anyone needs, unless you're running a data center. It's like owning a car that can go 500 MPH

  • Kenny Strawn Says:

    Why is the Roku 2 HD being showed instead of the Nexus Q?

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