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TI Announces Full System Solution for Connected Automotive Infotainment

Texas Instruments announced today that it has developed a comprehensive automotive infotainment system, which combines mobile processors, wireless connectivity, and integrated software into a complete automotive infotainment package. According to TI, this full system solution positions the company as the "single source for technologies that will pioneer the next generation of consumer-demanded automotive infotainment capabilities."

The system features TI's C6000 "Jacinto" automotive infotainment processors and OMAP mobile processors, which utilize dedicated 3D graphics accelerators and video co-processors. The combined power of these processors, TI boasts, will be capable of delivering full 1080p HD video and high-resolution graphical user interfaces. Moreover, TI announced, the processors support "the industry's largest number of standards and codecs, including HTML5", allowing auto manufacturers to upgrade their vehicle's software during its life cycle.

TI's new WiLink 7.0 and BlueLink 7.0 technology, which integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM technologies in a single chip, can turn an automobile into a mobile hotspot. Multitaskers will be delighted that the WiLink technology allows users to use Wi-Fi and stream phone calls using Bluetooth simultaneously. 

All of this new technology is supported by new infotainment software, which includes high-level operating systems and a software development suite designed to make the creation of new infotainment applications -- and their integration with with TI's full system solution -- as easy as possible for automakers. Furthermore, by releasing its Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions as an open-source SDK, TI hopes to make its C6000 Jacinto processors a platform for future development. The new system already comes bundled the QNX Car 2 application platform, developed by TI Development Network member QNX, which enables high-performance multimedia, HTML5 web browsing, software-defined radio, and other features.

Unfortunately for infotainment enthusiasts, TI has announced that this full system solution will be available for high-volume customers only and will not be sold through distributors.