Tech Support Redux: How Do MSI and Samsung Rate?

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Having something go wrong with your notebook or netbook is stressful all on its own, but add bad tech support to the mix and you've got a recipe for high blood pressure. Confusing Web sites, long hold times, and odd support hours are just some of the things that can frustrate or anger users when disaster strikes. But knowledgeable reps and detailed support documentation can go a long way toward soothing the anger a broken computer can bring.

Last year we tested the tech support offerings from 10 of the top notebook companies and graded them on both phone and web support. Now we've added two more vendors to that list: Samsung and MSI. Click here to see how they stack up against the likes of HP, Dell, Apple and more in our Tech Support Showdown.

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  • mac13k Says:

    I bought MSI Wind U250 and I was looking for some information on BIOS settings and RAM upgrade that I couldn't find in the documentation. I tried contacting MSI UK Tech Support - haven't heard from them: it's been 2 month now and it doesn't seem like I will ever hear from them. Then I posted to MSI Global Tech Support - they only responded once for every ticked I submitted after 7 days from the submission day (!) and yet none of those was resolved. Either they were asking for more information or giving non-relevant response probably from templates. And that was all - no more replies from them in 3 weeks. Now what kind of Tech Support is that? Those guys suck! Don't buy from them.

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