Symantec's Norton One Will Protect Laptops and Mobile Devices

Protecting all of your web-connected devices is about to get a whole lot easier. Symantec announced today that it is prepping a new security service called Norton One that will allow users to protect their PCs, Macs, and mobile devices from a single user interface. Details on the service are scarce, but in an interview with PCMag, Norton One Group product manager Jody Gibney said Norton One is being designed as a premium membership service and should sit just above Norton 360 in the company's product line.

There has been no mention of the exact types and the number of devices that will be covered by a standard subscription, but in its product announcement Symantec states that the average user owns roughly 4.5 devices that need protection from online threats. There is also no mention of a limit to the number of devices you can add to your membership, although Gibney did mention that adding additional devices beyond the initial number covered by the service will cost you a small fee.

Thankfully, users will also be able to transfer their membership licenses between products. So if you replace your outdated laptop with a new one, you can just transfer your Norton One license to your new notebook without having to purchase another license. The service is expected to launch sometime in the first half of 2012.

via PCMag

Daniel P. Howley
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