How to Stop Safari From Crashing

This morning (Jan. 27), users have been complaining about the Safari browser crashing on iOS on the iPad and iPhone and OS X on the Mac. Apple hasn't made any statements about the issue and the exact cause is still unknown, but it appears to have to connected to the Safari Suggestions setting.

Most users have seen their browsers crash while typing in a URL, but some have had it happen as soon as tapping or clicking on the URL bar.

Some users on Twitter have noticed that turning off Safari Suggestions fixes the issue. Here's how to stop Safari from crashing on iPhones and iPads (scroll down for instructions for your Mac):

1. Choose "Settings" from your apps.

2. Scroll down and tap on "Safari."

3. Tap the switch for Safari Suggestions to turn it off. Your browser should stop crashing.

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If you're having the problem on Safari for OS X, just follow these steps:

3. Uncheck "Include Safari Suggestions." Your browser should stop crashing.