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Sprint's Velocity Technology: Driving to a Dealer Near You

 Sprint has big plans for your ride. The company was on hand at the 2013 New York International Auto Show to share some more details on Sprint Velocity, a connected cars platform offering an open-source solution to in-car connectivity for automakers. Designed as a companion for automakers' current connected cars system, Velocity allows for seamless mobile integration with your car. This places Velocity in direct competition with AT&T and its connected car initiative.

According to Sprint rep Walter Fowler, Velocity is aiming to create seamless integration between your phone and vehicle. Sprint is hoping to leverage its extensive expertise with phones and customer service with car manufacturers to create a "true connected car experience." Using the example of a smartphone pinging you when a store near your location has a deal, Fowler asks, "Why doesn't your car do the same thing?"

With Velocity, drivers can remotely start their cars, answer texts and emails, play personalized playlists and pull up the latest news. The system becomes smarter with use, learning to prioritize news stories. The system can also check your stocks and send updates to your social networking service. Another interesting feature in the video is the ability to read elevated body temperature and react, turning on the air conditioning. Drivers can also order Wi-Fi service from the car, turning it into an instant mobile hotspot.