Sony VAIO Hybrid Concept Video: Sexy Sliding Windows 8 Slate Meets Pen

LAS VEGAS -- If you're wondering what Windows 8 hardware could look like, take a gander at this fantastic concept from Sony here at CES 2012. Dubbed the VAIO Hybrid, it sports a large touch display (we're guessing 12 inches) with a slide-out keyboard, similar to the Samsung Sliding Series 7 PC we saw at last year's CES. What makes the Hybrid unique is that it supports pen input. The pen holster sits right at the bottom edge of the keyboard for easy access.

Sony couldn't tell us much about this concept, but as you'll see in the video the company envisions people using this product for creative projects as well as entertainment. And we suppose that's where Microsoft wants to take Windows 8 as well, combining productivity with content consumption. The keyboard on this early concept doesn't look like it would provide much travel, but this is nowhere near a final product, and it might not come out at all.

We hope Sony does debut something like the VAIO Hybrid. As long as the weight is manageable, we believe there are plenty tablet buyers who want both pen and touch.

Mark Spoonauer
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