Software Maker SPB Annouces Mobile Shell 5.0 For Android, Symbian, and WinMo

Today, at CTIA Enterprise & Application 2010, software maker SPB announced Mobile Shell 5.0, a UI that can be layered on top of Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian. The skin might well make its way to a handset near you, but it isn't something an individual user can download; carriers and handset makers add it at their discretion.

The new UI's marquee features include a 3D carousel of windows, an application launcher to complement its widgets, fast switching between home screens, and the ability to convert any icon into a widget more easily than with other user interfaces.

Since Windows Mobile and Symbian have been in scarce in the U.S. consumer market, we're especially eager to see how it stacks up against other Android skins, such as Motoblur or TouchWiz. Judging from early images, it looks pretty slick, although only hands-on time will tell how responsive and stable it is. Stay tuned and in the meantime, check out the gallery of screenshots below.