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Does Cold Weather Make Us More Protective of Our Gadgets?

If you’re worried that your phone may literally freeze during these frigid winter months, the truth is your device may actually be safer is chilly climates than warm weathered locations. A new study says that smartphone theft, loss and damage is higher in sunny West coast and southern cities than cold dwellings within the U.S.

These smartphone incidents are said to be higher in cities where the average daily low temperature is 47.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Statistics from Asurion show that smartphone damage is highest in cities such as Miami, San Antonio, New Orleans and Houston between the months of December and February. Other cities that have made the list include Orlando, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin and Las Vegas.

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The company attributes this largely to the fact that people in warmer cities carry out their daily routines and active lifestyles throughout these icy months, while those in colder areas are more reserved with their electronic's use.

That’s not to say that our smartphones are impervious to damage from cold weather. Leaving gadgets in the cold for extended periods of time can reduce their batteries’ effectiveness, and internal components can suffer permanent damage if left in freezing conditions for too long. In fact, reports that iPhones, iPads and iPods operate between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while Samsung smartphones are capable of functioning between minus 4 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.