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Smartphone Madness 2014: BlackBerry Z30 vs. YotaPhone

The final dance is so close, both of today's competitors can taste it. Now the question is whether BlackBerry Z30 fans want it more than the YotaPhone fans. Both camps will have between now and 4/8 at 9 a.m. EST to pick a side. But before you make your pick, let's look back at how we got here. 

BlackBerry fans have always been a loyal and dedicated group. That has born itself out once again this year as we watched the bold new Z30 take down the Google Nexus 5 and the Motorola X with supposed ease. On our review, we praised this silvery handset for its good battery life, excellent touchscreen keyboard and great multitasking capability. 

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For a phone that U.S. consumers still don't have in their hands, we were impressed by the fan base for the YotaPhone thus far. But with the innovated rear-facing E Ink touchscreen combining with the front-facing color screen, this phone offers a lot to get excited about. Sure it's got Android inside and will sport a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, but that E Ink screen would hint at some pretty incredible battery endurance. 

So will you choose the new kid on the block or the veteran worker? It's time to decide, or at least some time between now and 4/8 at 9 a.m. EST. Cast your vote and spread the word to see who ends up in the championship round. 

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