Six Essential BlackBerry PlayBook Tips

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When RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook went on sale earlier this year, it marked the first appearance of the new QNX-powered BlackBerry Tablet OS. The software, which drew comparisons to HP’s webOS, makes it easy to multitask and features fluid touch-gesture control. When it comes to hardware, we like the PlayBook's vibrant display and soft-touch finish on the back. However, the need to connect the tablet to a BlackBerry phone to get e-mail and a dearth of high-quality apps dampened our enthusiasm.

Since then, RIM has introduced a video chat app and stepped up its efforts to court developers with new features, including in-app payment support. To further bolster its library of apps, RIM is working on an Android App Player that should give users access to Android apps from their PlayBooks. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to help new PlayBook users get the lay of the land, and teach some veteran users a new trick or two.

  1. How to sync your devices with the PlayBook
  2. How to navigate with gestures
  3. How to use the HDMI output
  4. How to add website shortcuts
  5. How to easily edit text and add special characters
  6. How to Customize your PlayBook
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