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How To Set a Website's Search Engine as Chrome's Default

If you find yourself always looking for news or information on a certain website instead of using one of the major search engines, you do not need to navigate to that website every single time. With a few clicks, you can set Chrome's Megabar to send your terms to the site of your choice.

For example, I find myself turning to Twitter to see what's going on at that exact moment. So, below, I've used Twitter's search engine as an example of how to add a new website to be Chrome's default choice in search.

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How To Make A Website's Search Engine Chrome's Default

1. Right-click inside the search field that you want to set as Chrome's default search engine and select "Add as search engine."

2. Click OK.

3. Right-click on the Megabox, select "Edit search engines."

4. Scroll down to the website you're adding, and click "Make default"

Now, when you search, it will look for that term in the site you chose!

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