How to Set Up Continue on PC in Windows 10

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Much like Apple’s “Continuity” feature, Microsoft’s Fall Creators update for Windows 10 brings with it the ability to start reading something on one device, and continue on another.

hero copy (6)It takes a little bit of setup on both your PC and mobile device, but once it’s installed and ready to go you can instantly switch between devices without the annoying go-between of cloud-based sharing on OneNote, text messages, or emailing yourself the link.

On your PC

  1. Right-click the start button and select Settings.
    settings copy
  2. Click Phone.
    phone copy
  3. Click Add a phone.
    add copy (2)
  4. Select your country code in the dropdown to the left and add your phone number to the middle section.
    number copy
  5. Click Send.
    send copy

On your phone

  1. Open the text message and tap the link.
    link copy
  2. Click Install when prompted to download Microsoft Edge.
    install copy
  3. Tap Open.
    open copy (5)
  4. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
    sign-in copy

Using the feature from a mobile device

  1. From Chrome, click the More menu on the right side to open.
    more copy
  2. Click Share.
    share copy
  3. Tap Continue on PC.
    continue copy
  4. Choose your PC from the list of available options.
    choose-pc copy