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ScoreBand Bracelet Keeps Stats on Your Wrist

Tired of having to mentally keep score when playing a few friendly games of hoops with your friends? Look no further than the new ScoreBand, a one-touch wristband that keeps scores and stats right on your wrist.  For $24.99, athletes of all kinds can score their games with the press of a button, eliminating the need for an outside scorekeeper. 

Starting at 4.3 inches, the silicone Scoreband packs three buttons: Two for changing the score value on each half of the screen, and one for switching between the device's various modes. AllScore mode works for any type of numbered competition, while there are dedicated modes for tennis and golf.

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Tennis mode allows players to easily keep track of games and sets, while Golf mode enables expert putters to score their matches on a hole-by-hole basis. Adding a score on any mode is as simple as pressing either of the two colored buttons, while holding both of them will erase the numbers. When you're not in the midst of a heated match-up, Time mode turns the ScoreBand into a basic wristwatch for everyday use.

The stretchable ScoreBand is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large, with eight color variations. The wristband comes in white and black, while users can choose between Green, Orange, Purple, and Gray for their button color.

Looking to avoid those inevitable arguments about who really dominated that volleyball game? You can pick up the $24.99 ScoreBand now at retailers such as, and, as well as ScoreBand's official website.