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Samuel L. Jackson vs Zooey Deschanel: Who's the Better Siri Shill?

Apple doesn't traditionally use celebrity spokespeople to advertise its products. In fact, if you look back at the campaigns for the iPhone and iPad, Apple has almost always chosen to focus primarily on its products rather than the people using them. At most, you'll usually see just half of a person's face, or, in the case of the iPad, a hand or a lap. That is what makes seeing the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Mace Windu himself--Samuel L. Jackson--shilling Apple's iPhone 4S and its on-board personal assistant, Siri, in two new television spots so jarring.

The actors each have each appeared in a new commercial interacting with the voice recognition program known as Siri. Deschanel plays up her quirky hipster image and Jackson flips the script on his tough guy routine by cooking a gazpacho and risotto for a dinner date.

In our humble opinion, Jackson's spot is the better of the two. No offense to Deschanel, but anyone who has ever held a lightsaber is an instant winner in our book every time. But that's just our opinion. Who do you think is the better Siri spokesperson? Vote in the poll below, and we'll post our results on Facebook tomorrow.

video via Business Insider, 9to5Mac

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