Samsung Updates Notebook 9 With New Bezel and CPU

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Samsung is updating its flagship laptop, the Notebook 9, with Intel's 7th-generation "Kaby Lake" CPU, and the company is making a few design tweaks while its at it.

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Both the 13.3-inch and 15-inch versions of the laptop will feature an ultra-thin bezel, a trend kickstarted by the Dell XPS 13. Both models are also touted to be lighter, at 1.8 pounds and 2.17 pounds, respectively, though we'll test that on our scale when we get them in.

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The battery estimate for both notebooks is 7 hours. That's less than what we expect from ultraportables these days, but it does match up from 7:20 we got when we tested last year's 15-inch model. But on other laptops with Kaby Lake refreshes, we noticed increased battery life, so we'll have to see how the Notebook 9 lasts on our battery tests.

The ports appear the same, including USB Type-C, and Samsung is adding a fingerprint reader that is compatible with Windows Hello.

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