Samsung's Revamped Galaxy Apps Takes on Google Play

Samsung has long provided its own alternative to the Google Play store, and now the company wants to make sure that its proprietary app store becomes your go-to option. The phone maker has revamped and rebranded its Samsung Apps store as Galaxy Apps, which offers a sleek new interface and hundreds of new app choices. 

Announced via Samsung's blog today (July 11), Galaxy Apps utilizes a minimal, white-and-blue interface that seems to take a few cues from both Google Play and Apple's App Store. The store has a Best Picks tab for featured apps and categories (including a dedicated selfie section, for better or worse), as well as tabs for Galaxy-exclusive apps and top downloads. 

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The pretty coat of paint isn't the only reason to use Samsung's Play alternative, however. The company claims that Galaxy Apps will offer hundreds of exclusive programs, which will complement common Android fare like Flipboard and Linkedin. Samsung also states that the store will give Galaxy device owners "greater customization," and that users can look forward to more app sales and promotions. 

Galaxy Apps starts rolling out today for Samsung device owners, and will eventually be available for 130 million users across 161 countries. It isn't the only big app store refresh this week, as Google Play Games' version 2.0 update introduces more detailed player profiles and a new interface that makes keeping track of quests and saved games easier. If you're a Galaxy user with access to both stores, this is a good weekend to get some downloading done. 

Michael Andronico
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