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Samsung Phone With Bended Display May Come This Year

Samsung debuted the first smartphone with a curved display last year, and now it's got its sights set on launching bent phone in 2014. A new report from The Korea Herald suggests that this angled smartphone will be part of the Samsung Galaxy line as well.

This aligns with plans that Samsung revealed during its Analyst Day event in Novemeber 2013. Samsung's chart shows that it will begin introducing bended displays in 2014 and 2015, while fully foldable phones are expected to debut in the 2016-2017 timeframe.

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There's no telling whether or not this technology will appear on a Galaxy flagship or a new Galaxy line (i.e. the Galaxy Round), but a report from Bloomberg hints we may see a bended display on the Note 4.

"Samsung's next Galaxy Note handset may use a three-sided display so that messages can be read from an angle," the Bloomberg report read. The Note 3 successor is said to be released in the second half of 2014.

Samsung has been showcasing this technology over the past several years, but we have yet to see it in any major products. Bloomberg's report seems to describe Samsung's YOUM bendable displays, which can curve over the edge of a smartphone to display information such as notifications along its side.

Bloomberg refers to this as a "wraparound" display, which sounds similar to an Apple design patent published last year. Apple's patented technology would wrap a display around the entire body of an iPhone or iPod, allowing images to be displayed around the entire handset rather than just the front.

Samsung has posted concept videos that illustrate how rollable, foldable displays can be used to bring technology to your everyday household objects. The video imagines a world where cutting boards can display information on the food you just chopped and your coffee mug can bring you news headlines and health information in the morning.