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Rumor: First BlackBerry 10 Phone To Launch in October

According to reports from multiple sources, RIM may announce the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone by mid-August, and launch it by October--with just enough lead time for the dwindling smartphone platform maker to get a jump on the holiday season.

The first account comes care of, who cited an unnamed source Wednesday claiming that the BlackBerry 10 device would launch in October. The source also said that the smartphone would be touch screen, come with a QWERTY keypad, and may be slider style.

The second piece of the story is brought to us by BGR, who previously published RIM's 2012 product roadmap. They note that this launch fits in nicely with their timeline, as the code-named device "BlackBerry London" was scheduled to be announced in either September or early October. 

Though the BlackBerry World conference is slated for next week, RIM isn't likely to reveal information about its BlackBerry 10 devices or the timing of its launch. We may, however, learn some harder details about the new platform. Stay tuned for our coverage as we prepare to get our boots on the ground for the upcoming event.

via N4BB and BGR