RIM to BlackBerry Owners: Disable JavaScript

In light of a security vulnerability discovered at the Pwn2Own hacker competition this month, RIM is recommending that BlackBerry owners disable JavaScript on their devices' web browser.

Though the discovered vulnerability has apparently not been exploited outside of the Pwn2Own setting,  PC World reports that the vulnerability could allow hackers to access a BlackBerry user's data when the user visits a "maliciously designed" website. The discovered security risk apparently only applies to devices running the WebKit browser engine; therefore, it only affects handsets with BlackBerry OS 6 installed. Devices running this version of the BlackBerry OS include the Bold 9700, the Curve 9300, and the Torch 9800.

According to PC World, RIM says the vulnerability could give hackers access to data stored on a handset's media cards and built-in media storage, but not information stored in applicati0ns such as calendar, contacts, and e-mail.

To disable JavaScript on your BlackBerry OS 6 handset, open the browser, select Web Content in the options menu, and uncheck the Enable JavaScript box. If that doesn't work, RIM recommends disabling the BlackBerry browser altogether until the issue is resolved.

via PC World

LAPTOP Staff Writer