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Moto Maker and 32GB Moto X Come to Republic Wireless

The Moto X on Republic Wireless is one of the best no-contract phone deals around, and starting 12:00 PM ET on Apr 1, those looking to get Motorola's flagship from the low-cost carrier can customize it with the Moto Maker tool. You now also have the option of getting a 32GB model for $399 (existing 16GB version: $349) with one of Republic's plans that start from $5 a month. 

Wondering why the rates are so cheap? Republic Wireless keeps its prices low by making use of Wi-Fi in place of cellular data whenever possible. Whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi, your phone calls, messages, Facebook posts and other activities will go over that network. You'll switching over to Republic's Sprint-powered cellular network when you're out of range. This leads to impressive cost savings over two years.

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If you were enticed by the Moto X on Republic Wireless before, now there's another reason to get the phone. While the Moto Maker customization service was only available for the phone on the Big Four U.S. carriers before, the tool is now supported by Republic Wireless so you can choose the color and finish of your handset.

The first 2,000 customers who visit Motorola's WoodYouBelieveIt site can get a coupon code for a free upgrade to Bamboo or another wood finish. 

We loved the Moto X on Republic Wireless for its excellent value, fast performance and vibrant display. While the carrier offers limited LTE coverage, those who expect to be frequently connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot will find Republic Wireless and its flagship phone to be a compelling value.