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Report: RIM Will Unveil New BlackBerry Curve Touch for T-Mobile in May

The latest rumors surrounding RIM's handset plans now include a GSM BlackBerry Curve Touch. This follow-up to the iconic Curve line is said to forgo its signature keyboard in favor of a touchscreen for text entry. Reportedly the phone will be revealed at RIM's BlackBerry conference in May, and ship on T-Mobile as early as June.

Sources close to RIM and smart phone blog Boy Genius Report also claim to have seen the Curve Touch personally, which allegedly has T-Mobile logos and is similar in size to the unconfirmed BlackBerry Apollo that leaked in January. The main difference between the Curve and Apollo is that the Curve Touch features a full touchscreen running the length of its front face instead of the Apollo's keyboard.

BGR has previously reported on a CDMA version of the Curve Touch expected to arrive later this fall, but this latest sighting of the device, possibly running  on T-Mobile, will be its GSM network cousin. If true, the real question is whether loyal BlackBerry addicts will gravitate to a Curve without a keyboard, or choose an Android handset instead.  Stay tuned as we expect more RIM news to surface ahead of BlackBerry World in May.

via Boy Genius Report