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Report: BlackBerry London is RIM's First BBX Phone

Take a look at this svelte handset, allegedly called the BlackBerry London and possibly the first device with RIM's long-awaited BBX operating system. If so, the London could be what loyal BlackBerry users have been yearning for--a truly modern smartphone.

Judging from the image which was posted by tech blog The Verge, the BlackBerry London is a sleek angular handset that sports a big touchscreen. Perhaps 4 inches or larger, the display dominates the front face of the phone which has a rather handsome silver and black two-tone color scheme.

The London does look a bit boxy, with sharply angled top and bottom edges. As The Verge points out, the device seems a relative to the RIM Porche P9881, an elite model that costs a whopping  two grand. It might be as thin as Samsung's Galaxy S II Android superphones, too.

The device also appears to run some revamped form of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which makes sense since BBX is RIM's updated version of QNX, the software the tablet shipped with. Other internal components the BlackBerry London is rumored to feature are a 1.5GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. To snap pics in the field, the handset may also come equipped with both 8-MP main and 2-MP front-facing cameras. 

If the BlackBerry London is legit, then devoted disciples of RIM could have reason to cheer. Of course, by the time this device will ship, quad-core phones should already be available.

via The Verge