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Report: New PlayBook Tablet, BlackBerry London, and More BBX Smartphones on RIM's Roadmap

RIM's clearly in the thick of an awkward transitional phase, and what better way to reassure the public that it's smooth sailing ahead than by sharing a roadmap for the next year and then some? BGR shared some specifics for what the BlackBerry maker has in store for 2012 up to Q1 2013.

The short story is that RIM will keep the BlackBerry 7 devices coming in international markets leading up to to its launch of BlackBerry 10 in the fall. But there are plenty of bullet points filling the gap between now and the end of 2012. Here's what BGR says is in the pipeline for the company:

  • Two new Curve smartphones. In the next few months, RIM will debut the BlackBerry Curve 9230, using EDGE technology, and the BlackBerry 9320, an HSPA device.
  • The next PlayBook tablet. Thought it was donezo for the underwhelming PlayBook? It looks like RIM will resurrect its slate in May or June, reportedly using a 1.5-GHz processor, NFC technology, and HSPA+ support.
  • BBX-based BlackBerry London smartphone (pictured). Reports about the first phone running BBX first circled in November at BlackBerry World, and now the BlackBerryLondon is back in the news. RIM is still set to launch the device in September 2012.
  • BlackBerry Bold smartphone running BBX. In addition to the BlackBerry London, RIM will introduce a handset from its Bold line to ship with the BlackBerry 10 OS. It will feature a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard; look for it to drop in December.
  • BBX QWERTY slider. Looking forward to 2013, BGR says that RIM will announce a QWERTY slider running its latest OS during the first quarter of next year.

via BGR