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Reevu Motorcycle Helmet Helps Riders See What's Behind Them

One of the hazards of riding a motorcycle is that you can't see what's directly behind you. Sure, side mirrors help, but a bulky helmet can get in the way, meaning you're riding a little blind. But with Reevu's new MSX1, you get a near 360-degree view of the world while still keeping your brains safe.

A rear-facing camera positioned on the side of the helmet captures images of what's happening behind the driver and streams them to a small screen located just above the eye slit. And because the camera is positioned on the side of the helmet rather than in the back, drivers will still be able to get a view of what's behind them even when a pillion passenger is holding onto their waist.

Of course, if you're worried about light reflecting off of cars behind you impacting the camera's view, fear not. Reevu says the helmet has reflective surfaces that limit the intensity of reflected light. Unfortunately, Reevu makes no mention of a record function, so if you're looking to make an action video of your latest highway hi-jinks, you'll still have to bring along your own helmet cam. Or just pick up a pair of shades with their own built-in camera.