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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save the Environment with Facebook

Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? Rid yourself of guilt through Facebook! Wildlife Works, a management company dedicated to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD), has launched a Facebook storefront to let consumers buy carbon credits in an effort to make it easier to go carbon neutral. Purchasing carbon credits is an easy way to offset the amount of carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere through your everyday activities such as driving and using electricity.

Though Wildlife Works typically sells credits in huge amounts to large companies hoping to offset their carbon emissions, they've downsized the project to make it more mainstream and social media friendly.

By creating a partnership with Milyoni, a company that links social media with e-commerce, Wildlife Works offers carbon credits to individuals at $20 a tonne. You can estimate how many tonnes you use with a handy emissions calculator where you enter figures based on your average fuel consumption, your house's utility bills, and your amount of air travel. The money is funneled into various projects dedicated to protecting swathes of forests in Kenya.

Users can also buy carbon-neutral clothing made by Kenyan workers in an eco-friendly factory. Priced between $35 and $75, there are jackets, t-shirts, sweaters and tank-tops available.

"This is a great opportunity for consumers to take direct action against climate change and towards wildlife protection through what we call 'Consumer-Powered Conservation,'" said Mike Korchinsky, founder and CEO of Wildlife Works, in a press release on Milyoni.

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