Huge Pixelbook 2 Leak: Two New Models on Way

It appears that Google's going to follow up its 2017 Pixelbook with not just one -- but two -- Chrome OS laptops. 

According to new leaks, the search titan is developing both a detachable and an updated Pixelbook. 

This news comes from Chrome Unboxed, which shared a video that shows off a small fraction of a machine believed to be the rumored Chromebook Nocturne detachable. We could see this laptop unveiled as early as Google's October 9 event in New York.

Since this detachable is connecting to an external keyboard, this machine may have the form of the Surface Pro, with a kickstand and magnetic clasp. After Chrome Unboxed published the story, the Chromium Bug Tracker post that contained the video was set to private, which may be a sign of its legitimacy. 

Credit: ChromeUnboxed

The site also shared an image, sent in by a tipster, of an Ad Choices advertisement that appears to leak an updated version of the bend-back 2-in-1 Pixelbook. The ad appears to be unfinished, sporting headline with a major typo "You Chromebook."

It appears that this model updates the previous generation's design by shaving its bezels down. This may not be a clean-cut update to the original Pixelbook, however, as the copy in the leaked ad includes the word 'affordable' -- and the $999 Pixelbook was most-certainly a high-end laptop.