Photosynth App Brings 360 Degree Panoramas To Windows Phones

Photosynth may be a Microsoft product, but the software's app availability has nevertheless been limited to Apple's iPhone for more than a year. That ended yesterday, however, when a Photosynth app appeared in the Windows Phone marketplace with little fanfare or attention.  In fact,'s Kip Kniskern noticed its arrival long before the Photosynth team posted about the new app on its blog.

Photosynth gives users the ability to create a full, 360 degree panoramic image by simply booting up the app and moving your phone's camera around. "Photosynth is the only mobile app that can stitch a full sphere," the team notes proudly on its blog. "That's 360 degrees horizontally and vertically."

After you create a Photosynth panorama, the app allows you to publish the picture on Bing, Twitter, Facebook and the Photosynth website, giving others the opportunity to see what you saw. The image-stitching technology that powers Photosynth takes a lot of horsepower, though, so the app will only work on Windows Phones with at least 512MB of RAM.

Head over to the Windows Phone Marketplace to download Photosynth now. iPhone users can find the iOS version here. Desktop Windows users can stitch photos together and create panoramas using Microsoft's Image Composite Viewer software.