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Photoshop Touch Comes to iPhone and Android Phones for $4.99

"C'mon, c'mon and touch me, babe!" It's not only a Doors song, it's what the photos living in your phone are secretly saying to you. They're also secretly asking you to crop out the dude who photo-bombed your girl's night out group shot and increase the overall exposure of the shot. Now you don't have to wait till you get home to Photoshop out that, you can do it right on your smartphone. Adobe has finally brought Photoshop Touch to Android smartphones and iOS, for just $4.99.

Photoshop Touch for phones brings hallmark Photoshop capabilities such as layers, selection tools, filters and adjustments. It even features a new tool called Scribble Selection for making exact selections with just the tip of your finger. Making those selections is made easier by a 400-percent touch zoom. Incredibly, it has the ability to edit photos up to 12MP in size. Make no mistake, this is much more robust version of Photoshop than the previously available Photoshop Express, which had basic photo editing tools, but no layers. Instead, Photoshop Touch for phones is nearly identical to the tablet version of the app

The app comes with 2GB of storage on Adobe's Creative Cloud, which allows users to transfer a photo they were working on between phone, tablet, and desktop. In order to use it on your iDevice, you'll need at least iOS 5, plus an iPhone 4S or a 5th-generation iPod Touch. On the Android side, you'll need at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It's available in both the App Store and Google Play so head over and check it out.